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History of Our Farm


The farm, known as “Drittl“, has been run by the Wurzrainer family since the beginning of the 19th century. Before that time, farms like this had usually been sold, given away or gambled away. Josef Wurzrainer, der great-great-grandfather of today’s farmer Michael bought the farm named “Drittl“ in 1889, since the former owner was more interested in playing the harp and celebrating festivals than in farming. The years during and between both World Wars were tough, but the farmers with self-sufficient farming usually remained untouched by a food shortage.

After the Second World War, Josef Wurzrainer, Michael’s deceased grandfather took over the farm. In 1982, Leonhard Wurzrainer took over the farm from his father and since 2012, Michael has been running the Drittlhof farm. The next generation is yet to come, but this step is going to take some time…

“Drittl“, the name of the farm actually means “third“ and originally stems from a division by three. It is said that the area of Hacha was run by 5 families and a third of this space belonged to the “Drittlhof“ farm – the remaining areas were divided and run by the other four families. Nowadays, the spaces of Hacha are cultivated by the families “Gugg“, “Rauch“ and “Drittl“.



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